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STANDARD OIL has been setting the standards for continuous innovation, research and development and consistency in delivering world-class products in the lubricants industry. About two decades, STANDARD OIL has been supplying by Qader Hamid Co Ltd in Afghanistan and one of the fastest growing engine oil brand in Afghanistan and other countries.

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KHURSHID LTD works diligently on quality and constantly improving its products.About one decade,our company has been supplier of auto parts and spare parts in Afghanistan.

We understand that we are totally dependent on the loyalty of our customers. Good service is our top priority, so every Khurshid product has first-class customer, service and support.
The Company's categories of products include Parts, Accessories and Engine Maintenance. Its include Belts & Timing Belts, Brakes and brake pads, Chassis parts, Clutches and Disc, Piston Rings, Absorber, Electric fuel pump, Air & Oil filters and etc.
Our team is always ready to provide you with the necessary information and support. Modern warehouses and a developed logistics infrastructure make it possible to deliver finished products in a timely manner, helping our customers to experience the full benefits of cooperation.

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